The Festival is organised by the Kino Association
Co-founded by the Neva Foundation, the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation
and by the Honorary Consulate of the Federation of Russia in Lausanne

The Neva Foundation  

The Neva Foundation was created in Geneva in 2008 with the aim of strengthening ties between Russia and Switezerland. By initiating or supporting projects showcasing excellence, the Neva Foundation helps to promote the diversity of Russian culture for the Swiss public, bringing the two countries closer together and fostering exchanges between them. The initiatives of the Foundation now extend to France.
Art and culture make up one of the three main fields in which the Foundation plays an active role (the others being sport and education and science). Significant artists and projects in disciplines as diverse as dance, music, theatre and literature have been supported by Foundation since the beginning, in partnership with well-known institutions and events such as the Grand-Théâtre de Genève, the Théâtre de Carouge and the Verbier Festival.
In parallel with its long-standing partnerships, the Neva Foundation also initiates and elaborates projects independently, allowing it to involve itself fully in order to achieve its aims. In 2013, for example, it launched a new film festival in Geneva and Lausanne, the Kino Festival of Films from Russia and Beyond, devoted to current cinematographic production in the former Soviet republics. The first edition was a huge success with the Swiss public. The Honorary Consulate of the Federation of Russia in Lausanne is also a partner in this project.
For Elena Timchenko, president of the Neva Foundation, the second edition confirms the importance of maintaining dialogue through art: « Art is a universal language and the ideal medium for immersing oneself in endless imaginary worlds, discovering unknown peoples and regions, understanding cultural specificities and ultimately helping us to look beyond our prejudices. Today more than ever before, I think it is essential to create opportunities for people to come together and work towards enhanced mutual understanding. The cinema - a vector for emotions and a carrier of symbols and meaning - turns out to be an ideal framework for helping to achieve this goal. »

The Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation

For over twenty years, Elena and Gennady Timchenko have been personally involved in philanthropic ventures through their family foundations, collectively known as the Timtchenko Foundation. The latter operates mainly in Russia, carrying out charity work for orphans and the elderly, as well as heritage conservation projects and initiatives promoting culture and sport.

Honorary Consulate of the Federation of Russia in Lausanne

Partner of the Swiss edition, Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Lausanne is managed by Mr. Frederic Paulsen, a distinguished businessman (Head of "Ferring Pharmaceutical Group"), researcher, and philanthropist. Since its opening in January 2009, Honorary Consulate has initiated and organized various events dedicated to strengthening of the cultural and economic ties between Russia and Canton Vaud, as well as to development of partnerships in the field of scientific research and sports.